Can we view the wedding cars before we book?

Yes, you can please contact us for a personal appointment to view. You can do this via email, telephone or by using the contact us button.

How many cars will I need?

Probably Two. One vehicle for the mother of the bride, bridesmaids/pageboys and one for the bride and her escort. The main bridal car should be special to the bride (and later the bride and groom) and not running around ferrying other passengers before the bride gets to travel in it. After all, she is meant to be the star of the show.

Can the bridal car take the bridesmaids first then come back for the bride?

Yes, if requested but not recommended. Any delays during the first journey will have a knock-on effect for the second trip and thereafter. The longer the journey time, the worse this will be and using the same car may be a risky strategy. We believe the bride should have her own personal vehicle, as outlined above.

Will you provide transport for a Civil Partnership?

Yes, We provide transport for weddings of all denominations, Civil Ceremonies, Civil Partnerships, Wedding Blessings and renewal of vows.

How long do we have the car for?

You can book a wedding vehicle for as long as you wish, you simply choose the appropriate price band starting at A and go from there. Anything that deviates from the price band booked must be agreed beforehand otherwise you will incur additional hourly and mileage charges.

How are the hire charges calculated?

Each Wedding vehicle has a minimum hire charge starting at price Band A. If your wedding is local, of minimum mileage (30 miles max. base to base) and a duration of up to 4 hours with no extra’s required then this minimum rate will apply. After this, additional rates will apply as listed in our tariff. All quotations will take into account all destinations and mileage to be covered in the specified or booked time and will also take account of the vehicle type estimated mileage base to base and the estimated time involved.

What’s included in the price?

Please refer to “What’s Included In The Price” section under the price list heading for details.

How far do you travel?

If you are prepared to pay the additional costs, we will travel some distance from our base to meet your needs. Please ask for a quotation.

Do you only provide the “Minimum Hire”?

All quotes are calculated according to the itinerary you provide. Your price may increase if you include things like bridesmaids trip, extra photo locations, extra waiting time or additional mileage.

We are having a Blessing following a Civil Ceremony. Is there an extra charge?

No, providing it is for the same party and stays within the time and mileage allowance booked.

Do you provide champagne?

In order to keep our prices as low as we can we keep the frills to a minimum. However, we can provide complimentary champagne but to comply with licensing regulations there is a charge for providing glasses etc. Please ask for details if you require this service. A range of champagnes can be made available from sparkling wine to Louis Roederer Cristal.

Can we drink in the car?

Sorry, but we do not allow uncorking of champagne inside any vehicle or drinking in transit. No drinks are allowed inside any of our vehicles. We can’t afford to have spillages on the upholstery as our hired wedding vehicles are classics. Any dark coloured drinks and red wine are absolutely forbidden inside any vehicle. Your chauffeur will assist with uncorking and pouring.

Do you provide flowers in the car?

Yes, we provide a silk flower display. However, please note it is not possible or practical in some vehicles e.g. convertibles or open top cars.

Will the car have ribbons on?

Yes, all our hired Wedding vehicles will be dressed with traditional white ribbons or ivory if preferred. You may have any colour of your choosing but there may be an additional charge if we need to specifically order this in for you.

Can our guests throw confetti/rice/lavender into the vehicle?

No, we politely request that your guests do not deliberately throw any of the above near or inside any vehicle. Damp confetti can cause damage to the upholstery. Dry confetti gets into every nook and cranny and into the radiator. Extra time spent on the removal of excessive confetti/rice/lavender may result in the Hirer being charged. Any damage resulting from any of the above is the responsibility of the Hirer.

Can we squeeze in an extra person?

Our “cars” page on this website states the number of passengers each vehicle can seat. To comply with the law and for passenger safety quoted numbers cannot be exceeded.

Do you provide child seats?

No. You may provide child seats for wedding vehicles which have seat belts but you will be responsible for fitting them. If the chauffeur feels that your child seat may cause damage to the upholstery or indentations to the leather, he/she will be at liberty to refuse their use.

Will you carry young children?

Yes, but they must be accompanied by an adult for all journeys. They must behave and remain seated at all times. Remember, the vehicle may not have seat belts. Their parents may prefer them to travel in their own car.

I’m going to arrive fashionably late at the church.

If you are planning on arriving late, we would appreciate you letting us know. You should book the additional time to take account of this. We cannot always accommodate extra time that has not been booked in advance. If you are late starting you may cause yourself to be late finishing. Being late may result in your Vicar/Registrar cancelling your wedding. Or you may incur further charges.

Do you provide vehicles for school proms?

Yes, through our associate company Prestige Private wedding car Hire as this service requires an Operator’s License which is licensed through the local Council. Operators also require a Vehicle License and a Drivers License to comply with the Road Safety Act 2006. Anyone offering any vehicle to carry passengers for his type of use unlicensed is uninsured and risks prosecution, impoundment of the vehicle or crushing of.

Do I need to pay a deposit to reserve a vehicle?

Yes, deposits can be paid by cash, internet transfer, Paypal or Cheque (fees may apply). Vehicles are only reserved upon payment of the appropriate fee.

When is the balance payment due?

Six weeks prior to the date of hire. Your balance payment will be expected by the due date which you will have been given in writing.

Will I lose my deposit if I cancel my booking?

Yes, all deposits are non-refundable. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for full details for cancelled bookings.

I was quoted a “special Offer ” price but I didn’t book. The offer has ended, can I still have the “special Offer” price?

Sorry, no. Our Special offer/discounted rates are genuine and many are ridiculously generous. They will be offered to any enquiry fitting the criteria to qualify. Anyone wishing to take advantage of these offer rates should do so before they expire.

I booked on a “special offer” price but things have changed and I need to amend my itinerary.

What happens to the “special offer ” price now?

If the amendments do not add on any additional mileage, time or locations to the original booking which qualified you for the discounted price, then the price will not be affected. If they do, you will be given a new quotation which will be the current hire charge for the vehicle booked. It will no longer be a discounted rate.

Special Offers and discounted prices- how do I know they are genuine?

All of our offers are genuine. At certain times they are so heavily discounted, they will seem too good to be true. But they are. To take advantage of any offers, be sure your itinerary meets the criteria to qualify. If you change things later, it is possible you will lose any discounts applied to the original booking. (See question above.)

What happens if the car is delayed?

There can be several reasons why the car may be delayed. This could be due to traffic congestion, road closures, level crossings, accidents, weather etc. All of which are unforeseen and beyond our control. Another reason which may result in a delay is a glitch with the car (infrequent, but not unknown.) For unknown reasons it may decide not to start when required to. Getting the car going again can vary in the time it will take so the length of delay will be unknown at this point. Old cars are more likely to experience these glitches which can often occur more frequently in hot weather. Unfortunately, this is inherent of old cars and anyone wishing to hire one of these old girls must accept that they will not always run as we would wish. They DO NOT perform like a modern vehicle. Anyone considering hiring an old vehicle for their wedding should consider that the chances of glitches and breakdown will be much higher than a modern/new car.

Any delays caused by road or weather problems, as well as a temporary breakdown causing delay, are unforeseen and beyond our control and must be accepted by the Hirer before making a booking. As such, claims for refunds /compensation will not be accepted.

What happens if the car breaks down?

This has to be the most frequently asked question but the answer has many different scenarios and therefore a simple answer is not possible. We will try to cover the most common situations:

Our Terms and Conditions should be read before making your booking.

Should the car breakdown in the weeks/days leading up to the wedding and we are unable to rectify the problem in time, you will be notified and offered an alternative wedding vehicle if we have one available. If we cannot offer an alternative vehicle a refund will be due.

Should the car breakdown on the day of hire, before the hire commences, you will be notified and offered an alternative vehicle if we have one available. If we cannot offer an alternative vehicle a refund will be due.

If you have hired more than one prestige wedding vehicle and one suffers a breakdown during the course of the hire period which cannot be rectified, one of the other vehicles will step in and you will be on your way as soon as possible.

If you have not hired any additional vehicles and the problem cannot be rectified, we are left to rely on a guest or kind passing motorist to help get you there. The chances are, you will be late. If the vehicle is unable to continue with the itinerary and sending a replacement is not practical due to distance and time constraints, a proportionate refund will be made.

In either instance, the chauffeur will make his preliminary checks, do bear in mind he is not a mechanic and he will be under pressure. Cars are machines and so it is inevitable that from time to time (and it is rare) they do breakdown. This is no way reflects our commitment to maintain all vehicles to the highest possible standard. Anyone hiring a car, particularly one of our old girls should have a modicum of sense regarding this. It must be accepted by the Hirer that booking a vehicle does not guarantee its performance. It does no good apportioning blame for circumstances unforeseen and beyond our control. It must be understood that sometimes it happens and no one is to blame.

IF THE THOUGHT OF TEMPORARY OR FULL MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN on your big day is keeping you awake at night, you really only have two options:

Option 1 – Hire two prestige wedding vehicles, that way if anything happens to the first vehicle, the second vehicle has the chance to take over.

Option 2 – Hire brand new vehicles which will have the benefit of modern technology and mechanics and are less likely to experience problems. (But can still breakdown.)

Everything you need to know is contained within this website. It is accepted that when a client makes a reservation they have familiarised themselves with who we are, what we offer and our Terms and Conditions of Booking. We are unable to run through every possible detail with every client, much of which may not apply to all persons and much of it would be boring, forgotten and very time consuming.

You can browse through this website at your own pace and leisure and satisfy yourself before making your booking that we are what you are looking for. You are welcome to contact us with any questions you may have.

Prestige & Classic Wedding cars recommend and advise that all weddings have appropriate wedding insurance cover, to cover all eventualities.

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